Why Choose Gendreau Roofing and Construction?

We're all aware of the increased demand for skilled trades-people in today's economy. Unfortunately, this demand has attracted many unsavory would-be-contractors who are simply looking to make a quick buck. To help our potential customers make an informed decision about who they hire, we have created the following checklist:

Did they make a good first impression?

Gendreau Construction team members show pride, enthusiasm, and demonstrate experience when discussing our work. Trust your gut if you have a poor first impression.

Is the company insured?

Gendreau Construction carries the proper liability and safety insurance. If your contractor doesn't then you could be personally liable for thousands of dollars in damages or injury claims.

Did they they offer a workmanship guarantee?

Gendreau Construction provides a warranty. The duration of the guarantee is not as important as its content. Read the guarantee thoroughly to determine what you are covered for.

Did they offer extraordinary value?

Gendreau Construction offers value, which is critical. Price isn't everything! Extremely low prices could be offered due to inexperienced (cheap) labor or unprofessional business practices. Remember: "The bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

Did they provide a written contract?

Get it in writing! Gendreau Construction will provide a written copy of your contract, describing how your project will be accomplished. Not only will you know the brands of the materials to be used, but you'll understand how your package will be installed.  That's important.

Did they provide references?

Get it in writing! Gendreau Construction will provide a written copy of your contract. Ask for references. Gendreau Construction provides references on request.

Unsolicited Customer Testimonials

Here are just few examples of what our many satisfied customers have to say ... click one to see the original document.

Unsolicited Customer Testimonial Unsolicited Customer Testimonial Unsolicited Customer Testimonial

Experience the value ... call Gendreau Roofing and Construction today!

How Do We Do It?

Our customers sometimes ask how it is that Gendreau Roofing and Construction can deliver such incredible value.

Our competitors ask the same question every day!

It's not by magic, and it's not really complicated. As a company, we pay close attention to a few basic principles:

  • Respect the customer.
  • Provide high quality service.
  • Control expenses.
  • Charge a lower price.

The result is high value for happy customers.

We think you'll appreciate the difference, and the value.